Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gear Fighter Dendoh ep 05

Here it is, now with 101% more Ogre badassery!

And the subs for those who already have the RAW

We also have the promised torrent for ep 01-05

Sorry if it will take some time, but my upload is capped to ~80kbps

Episode 06 should be on his way saturday or sunday.

P.S. Check out the /m/forum !

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gear Fighter Dendoh 01-04

As this blog was created after we started subbing, we already have a batch of episodes for you to enjoy:

episode 01v2 -
episode 01v2 subs -

episode 02 -
episode 02 subs -

episode 03 -
episode 03 subs -

episode 04 -
episode 04 subs -

The subs are already included in the MKV, the separate link for them is only for those who already have the raws.

For those who do not like Megaupload, we will try to make a batch torrent every 5 episodes.

If you cannot wait no matter what, here are a few tips:

- Try using RapGet, it's a free program that let you enqueue your downloads on Megaupload ( and other sites as well ). It works really well on Megaupload.

- Install the Megamanager from the official Megaupload site. Clunky and ugly, but it will give you 3 hassle-free downloads each day.

- Proxies are your friends.

So that's it for now, stay tuned for ep. 05 in a few days.

First post - No good ideas for a title

Hello there.

If you are reading this blog, I suppose you have come here looking for Dendoh subs.

You will get them, in due time.

At the moment, ODF is composed of two members: Buontempone ( encoding, translation and rough timing ) and Xan ( quality check and fine timing ). We take the raws from Zero-Raws, we reencode them in H264 and add the translated subs, releasing them in a MKV container. We also release the .srt files, for the ones who already have the raws ( or don't like our work on audio&video :P ).

We're doing this for fun, and we hope you will have fun with us, too.